Kate Middleton’s favourite celebrity

Can you guess who is Kate Middleton’s favourite celebrity? The Duchess of Cambridge is lucky: she can meet in person any celebrity she admires, shake hands and talk with him or her. But the prominent figure she admires the most is someone whom her elder son also adores.

On April, 8, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were engaged in a video interview with kids at the Casterton Primary Academy. Among the uneasy questions the little interviewees asked the high-ranking interlocutors was the one about the greatest celebrity they have ever met. It’s true that only a kid could formulate a question as sinсere as that!

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton admitted it honestly that it was her son, Prince George, who was largely responsible for her answer. George enjoys watching Blue Planet nature documentary series on TV, created by naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough, and his mother shares his profound admiration for the scientist.
Their debut personal encounter took place in 2013, at the premiere of Natural History Museum Alive 3D documentary that Attenborough wrote. It was a great honor and pleasure for Kate.

Then their paths crossed once again at the naming festivity of the polar research vessel, RRS Sir David Attenborough. It was in the Autumn of 2019, when Attenborough was 93 and Kate was 37. So the Duchess definitely enjoys her duties that allow her to indulge in small talk with prominent luminaries of the scientific circles.

The parents of the kids who had a chance to talk to the Cambridges last Wednesday have to keep working during the COVID-19 outbreak. The couple greatly appreciated the endeavors of the pedagogical staff of the Academy to help the kids cope with the tough months.

The Duchess also told them about the plans the royal family had for Easter. Her husband confessed that plenty of chocolate would be consumed during the celebration.

In fact, all the daily routines of Kate, William and their three kids changed because of the pandemic. It’s the Duchess who is supervising the homeschooling of her two elder kids, but her husband also joins the process.

Every weekend Kate and her children bake cakes and decorate them. All of them enjoy this kind of entertainment, even though it turns the kitchen into a complete mess. Also, the Duchess is fond of gardening and takes the kids outside with her to help plant seeds. George is 6 years old now, Charlotte is 4 years old, and Prince Louis will be celebrating his 2nd birthday on April, 23.