Learn to love own body at every size and you’ ll be loved by others, and let the haters go fuck themselves!

While all mankind is hiding in luxury penthouses, cozy mansions or small apartments, everyone has time for introspection. Quarantine is a great time to analyze your past mistakes and decide what is really important for each of us. Now the most common opinion, which is often found in many forums and social networks, is that after defeating COVID-19 we should return better and more beautiful. But many people think that to become better means to remove fat from the stomach or hands, or just burn at least a few pounds of own weight.
A lot of humiliating memes, cruel comments and quasi funny posts can be read about it. The authors of all these pictures and texts call for a daily fight against extra weight. People who publish such memes and invent these posts provoke a fat phobia in millions of girls around the world. In their opinion, the ideal of femininity and beauty is a woman who meets stereotypical selfish standards. And bulimia or anorexia are not serious diseases that require medical treatment, but the trend of our time. That’s enough!
Learn to love own body at every size and you' ll be loved by others, and let the haters go fuck themselves!
Social pressure, and maybe even pressure from loved ones, has already led to more than half of schoolgirls considering their bodies ugly. In addition to wasting all their life energy fighting overweight and destroying their health, girls suffer from mental disorders. The worst thing is that relatives or friends, instead of the necessary support or calming, often give only stupid advice, what is the best way to lose weight.
It has already been calculated by scientists that more than thirty million Americans have a significant deviation from stereotypical standards of body weight. For many of them, this is a physical and mental problem. And for some US citizens it is an obsession that leads to constant anxiety or depression. Therefore, the authors of mocking memes should remember that their actions can have tragic consequences.
Learn to love own body at every size and you' ll be loved by others, and let the haters go fuck themselves!
Thank God that admirers of natural beauty among American girls are becoming more and more. What is natural is not ugly — this is the motto of all those women who are tired of adapting their bodies to modern standards of beauty. Glossy magazines and glamorous forums are not their life guide.
Everyone has to accept that the times when models on the podium or ordinary girls had to conform to stereotype parameters are over. Sometimes fashion models, movie actresses or just popular public celebrities were so thin that there was a desire to feed them all as soon as possible. Nowadays, girls with lush forms increasingly appear on the covers of glossy magazines and even on the fashion catwalks of famous brands. And they look great! Extra-sized women on the podium increase the profits of elite labels, chubby actresses become the main characters in bestsellers. And ordinary women with large body shapes are the object of the lust for millions of men.
Stop torturing yourself and hurting your own body. With such actions you only feed the ego of all these narcissistic meme creators, who are really ugly. Go to the kitchen right now and eat your favorite cookies or treat yourself with a juicy sandwich.
In time of coronavirus nervousness most of us are already not feeling very comfortable, it is not time for unnecessary stress. You are beautiful, learn to love yourself and you will be loved by others!