Lil Nas X is rich now. So what does he spend his money on?

Lil Nas X became a star overnight, thanks to his Old Town Road song. For a singer who came from a relatively modest background, this was an overwhelming success. It’s always interesting to see how a newborn star spends his first big fees and how he arranges his life now that he can go on a shopping spree daily.

Celebration with the dearest and nearest

The singer spent his first paycheck to entertain his big family at a bowling alley. Food, drinks, and the general atmosphere of fun and amusement — would you imagine a better choice to kick-start a mind-blowing artistic career? Lil Nas X is rich now.

Posh sports car

Lil Nas X bought a Maserati GranTurismo, which costs over $1K, not for himself, but for Billy Ray Cyrus. It was Billy who spurred the popularity of his friend by remixing one of his songs, so the young star expressed his gratitude in a truly generous way. Lil Nas X is rich now.


Today it’s common for celebrities to spend a lot on shoes. Limited edition and collaborations between sports brand and showbiz stars might cost a few thousand dollars per pair. However, Lil Nas X is quite modest and prefers black Air Jordans that cost around $250. Lil Nas X is rich now.

Stage outfits

Lil Nas X looks stunning on stage thanks to Jerry Lee Atwood. This designer will hardly work with stingy clients — but for those who pay fair, he’ll create jaw-dropping outfits. Lil Nas X is rich now.


Gold watches, chains, pendants — the price for one accessory might be up to $500. These shiny details are indispensable for a true star. Lil Nas X is rich now.

Flamboyant suits

The singer likes eye-catching pastel and neon colors. He entrusted the tailoring of his suits to Christopher John Waters who is responsible for the unique cuts and patterns. Lil Nas X is rich now.

Casual clothes

Lil Nas X was spotted walking casually in Marni, Gucci and Michael Kors trousers, which cost up to $1K, as well as Missoni and Fear of God jackets, which cost around $2K. It seems reasonable, because paparazzi might chase him anywhere! Lil Nas X is rich now.


It might be too early to call Lil Nas X a true shades fetishist, but there are a few impressive items in his collection. King Ice ($100) are good for chill days, Kuboraum ($350) are for going out, and Jacques Marie Mage ($800) are for special occasions. Lil Nas X is rich now.


In March, Lil Nas X encouraged his fans to stay at home. To those who didn’t have money to order food delivery, the singer sent cash through money apps. Also, he donated $13K to help a 15-year-old boy get treatment for Lyme disease. Lil Nas X is rich now.