Little Makeup Tips to Transform Your Face

Although makeup sometimes seems like a waste of time and effort, it is the everyday life of every modern girl who wants to stay attractive no matter what. If you don’t have enough time for a good and proper makeup look, the smallest changes can sometimes make a huge difference. Instead of spending money on a new line of products that transform your face. Just check out these simple tips to improve your makeup art.

1) Line the lips

The first thing to look at is the lips. Even the most expensive and exclusive lipstick can look bad. Did you know that many girls today are giving up their lipsticks? They apply a light layer of lip pencil to emphasize this part of the face. The pencil can be the same color as your lip tone or a little darker.

2) Longer lashes

Oh, those heavy shadows for your lashes. Now forget about them and add a black/transparent mascara to your makeup bag if you want your eyes to look brighter and more expressive every day. A thin layer will be enough.

3) Green primer

Changing skin color is a popular phenomenon among women. If your skin has a red tint or, conversely, too pale, use a tinted face primer that does wonders. If you’re struggling with a red complexion, try looking for a green primer that will be a wonderful helper. It can be used without foundation.

4) Choose a lip exfoliator

Whether you use a cheap or the best lip exfoliator, it won’t look impressive if applied to dry lips. The first thing you need to do is get a lip exfoliator and buff that dead skin off. You can even make it at home with brown sugar, salt, and gentle coconut milk. This is actually very important if you want to show your beautiful and charming smile to the world. Lipstick and balms look better on smooth and delicate lips!

5) Make your lips expressive with a highlighter

Have you noticed by now how much we talk about lips? It’s no wonder because they are the thing that adorns every woman. To visually enhance your lips, apply a highlighter to the center of your upper and lower lip. To enhance the effect, use a liquid highlighter instead of lip gloss. We are sure you will often come back to this cosmetic lifehack.

6) White liner to make your eyes brighter

If you slept badly last night but want to hide it, rather get a white eyeliner. However, don’t rush to use it too much. Apply a little at the corners of your eyes to hide the fact of using makeup, which is another benefit. It will help you to forget about under-eye concealer if you have used it before.

7) Give up pressed powder

Many women think it’s best to use pressed powder after the foundation. To make your face look more natural and pretty, choose a makeup-setting powder or a quality-setting spray. That way, you will add a matte look to shiny and oily problem areas. The final touch can be a drop of setting powder.

8) Pay attention to your cheekbones

Highlighter is one of the best solutions for cosmetics. Choose the one that best suits your skin tone and apply a little on the highest part of the cheekbones. You will add radiance and luster to your skin as opposed to blush, which will create the effect of fatigue, or worse, old age.

9) Use eyeliners of different colors

Often women use much…too many dramatic colors to get a new effect. Black eyeliner can look stark and if you want to avoid that by adding subtle effects, choose other colors. Gray or brown can be the right solution.

10) Test foundation on the neck to choose the right one

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in makeup is using a foundation that does not match your skin tone. We were always told to test the color of each foundation on the inside of the arm, but that was wrong because hands and face can have different shades. If you want to test how the foundation will look on your skin, apply it to your neck to see the real result.

11) Brushes instead of sponges

Sponges absorb well and that might be too bad. Together with liquids and makeup products, they also absorb germs and bacteria. Brushes are amazingly effective for foundation and concealer, but the most important thing is that you can have them regularly and be sure that they will not have a negative effect. If you are still a fan of sponge, use it only once.

12) Avoid matte

If you find a problem with matte, don’t rush to use matte shades. It will take away the brightness of your skin and make it look too dull. This is especially true for mature skin. Start using fluid, sheer products that give hydration and shine.

13) Create a bold brow

Even if you haven’t had time to apply makeup, bold eyebrows will instantly give you a distinctive and clean look. Just fill them in with a pencil, choosing a shade lighter than your skin.

14) Lip gloss to hide your lipstick cracks

Is your lipstick causing cracks and unevenness? Avoid dry makeup by using a lip gloss of a similar shade. It will make your lips look richer and brighter than ever.