Memorable Highlights of Diego Maradona’s Life

2020 continues to take away the most valuable and best. The greatest footballer, sports icon of the 20th century and an amazing person, Diego Maradona, died at the age of 60 from cardiac arrest. The idol of SSC Napoli and Argentina national football team fans, as well as a favourite player of millions of fans from all over the world after finishing his football career, filled his life with drugs, booze, and women. Maradona remembered not only as a great player but also as a bright and scandalous person. In his biography, there were a lot of beautiful goals, passes, as well as the scandals, loud statements and disappointments. To honour this legendary personality, let’s take a look at some of his most iconic and extraordinary life’s moments.

Greatest Solo Run Goal

Maradona’s performance in the World Cup quarterfinal against England national team on June 22, 1986, brought one of the most, and perhaps the most beautiful goal in the history of football. And certainly the most beautiful one in the final stages of the world championships for now, plus already recognised as the best goal of the 20th century. Having got the pass from a teammate in the centre of the field, Maradona rushed to England’s goal. Before reaching the penalty area of opponents, the Argentine defeated four England players. Then Diego, using a false swing, outwitted the goalkeeper Shilton and scored the ball into the empty net.
Memorable Highlights of Diego Maradona's Life

The Hand of God

Also in that game, Maradona scored another goal, but this time … with his hand. Despite the indignation of the opponents and England fans in the stands, the referee did not notice anything illegal in the actions of the Argentine footballer and legitimate the goal. As you understand, VAR was not used then, so hardly anyone will be able to repeat the goal at a tournament of such a high level.
Memorable Highlights of Diego Maradona's Life

The 1986 World Cup Winner

In the end, Argentina’s national team won the 1986 FIFA World Cup. Maradona was the leader of that team, and his effective actions allowed Argentine players to triumph at the World Cup for the first time, and for the last time at the moment. Thanks to the great game at that tournament, Diego Maradona is still considered the best football player ever, perhaps only after Pelé.
Memorable Highlights of Diego Maradona's Life

Music Warm-Up Before UEFA Cup Semi-Final

Maradona’s legendary warm-up before the UEFA Cup semi-final with Bayern Munich in April 1989 was just as exciting as the game itself. In the first game, Napoli beat the Germans at home with a score of 2:0, so it is not surprising that Diego was relaxed in Munich. The Argentine forward did not doubt the success of his team. For two minutes, Maradona juggled a ball, danced to the music, clapped himself, smiled, and sang along. Even the untied shoelaces did not prevent the player from demonstrating his tricks. Have you ever seen something similar performed by other players?

Odd Coaching

All football fans know that legendary players rarely become successful coaches. Maradona was also unable to achieve success as head coach of both the Argentina national team and clubs from the OAU, Mexico, and his home country. Players who managed to work under Maradona’s leadership claim that he used unconventional methods during the training process. For example, during one of the training sessions of the Argentine team in 2010, Maradona, who at that time was the head coach of the national team, ordered one group of players to shoot balls at the rest of the team partners. It was part of one of the training exercises in which the winners thus had to “punish” the losing players. However, not all players reacted positively to such kind of “punishment”. It is worth noting that the punishment, although humorous, turned out to be quite rough. The balls flew at the players with high speed, but finally, it ended with jokes and friendly hugs.
Memorable Highlights of Diego Maradona's Life

The Throne

The throne as a birthday present for Diego Maradona was prepared by the staff of Newell’s Old Boys, for which Maradona played for one season. With such a present, the ex-club of the legendary Argentinean seemed to hint at Pele and Messi about who in fact is the real king of football. Sitting on this throne, Maradona watched the actions of “Gimnasia LP”, which he coached in those days, in the match against the Newell’s Old Boys.
Memorable Highlights of Diego Maradona's Life

Shooting at Reporters

When Maradona was under the scrutiny of paparazzi, his reaction was not always adequate. Sometimes Diego would shout profanities in their direction, sometimes show obscene gestures, and even use violence towards the intrusive reporters. In 1994, for example, Maradona with an air gun attacked journalists and photographers reporting near his home. Six people were injured, and the rest managed to escape.
Memorable Highlights of Diego Maradona's Life

The Space Helmet

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, Maradona did things his own way. While others were wearing masks, Diego appeared in public in a transparent helmet as from sci-fi movies.
Memorable Highlights of Diego Maradona's Life