Moments That Demonstrate Dwayne Johnson is a Wonderful Father

Dwayne Johnson is a family guy with ethics and a feminist, not simply a cringe stack of biceps and acting abilities. And here are the grounds we like The Rock and think he’s one of the greatest celebrity fathers of all time.

  1. His ex-wife is so close to him and she became his agent in 2008, propelling his career to new heights. He didn’t burn any bridges throughout his divorce, that is a fantastic fatherly gesture.
    Moments That Demonstrate Dwayne Johnson is a Wonderful Father
  2. Throughout all of the games, he constantly stresses compassion. He teaches his children that success does not have to go to their heads, and he has been reported as stating, “When it comes to making it big, only very few people highlight how essential being kind is.” However, it is critical.”
  3. Despite his reputation as one of the strongest men on the planet, The Rock has been sensitive and honest about his depression, although he wants to remind others that they’re “not alone” even if “dudes have a propensity to hold it.” According to The Rock, being vulnerable does not make you less of a guy. You become more strong as a result of it.
    Moments That Demonstrate Dwayne Johnson is a Wonderful Father
  4. As he stated in an edition of Oprah’s Master Class from 2015, his first focus has always been to be a wonderful father. “I will always, always take care of you for the entire life,” he promised his daughter when she was born.”
  5. “Each father wants a son, but every father needs a daughter,” he remarked on Instagram. With his wife and three children, Johnson is surrounded by women, and he’d never be chosen any other life, calling them “great equalizers in his life.”
  6. He believes in constantly promoting his children’s goals and tells his children about his own previous errors, or “stumbles,” as he refers to them. Dwayne, on the other hand, feels that forgiveness is essential since he believes that anyone deserves to “get up and move again.”
  7. Whenever The Rock’s daughter began crying during a picture session with Santa Claus, Dwayne dressed up like Pikachu from Pokemons, which instantly was changing her frown upside down. To the rescue, Papa Bear!
    Moments That Demonstrate Dwayne Johnson is a Wonderful Father
  8. He frequently takes his daughters to award presentations. They attended the 2017 People’s Choice Awards as well as the 2016 Golden Globes, and we’re sure we’ll see the kids at red carpet events in the future.
  9. While some fathers avoid bathing time with their children, Dwayne Johnson told in 2016, “It’s my duty, and I love putting up the baby tub and play Jasmine’s toys, getting everything right.” After that, I say, ‘All right, Daddy’s ready!’ And then she walks in, kicking and smiling. I’m the daddy, and I’m proud of it. It appeals to me.”
  10. Johnson has always felt that machismo and vulnerability really are mutually compatible and that putting your egos aside and becoming honest with your partner gives you a strong high. We admire a father who stands up to toxic masculinity!
    Moments That Demonstrate Dwayne Johnson is a Wonderful Father
  11. He has a sizable social media following and could pretty much get away with merely flaunting his enormous body. Instead, he inspired the public with his upbeat demeanor and sound advice on how to live life and respect one’s loved ones. Simone, his daughter, has been impacted by him and utilizes her position for social good, with her father often encouraging her that she can do everything she sets her mind to.
  12. The actor is of Polynesian ancestry, where family values are paramount. He takes pleasure in carrying on the legacy, and when he’s not practicing or shooting, he’s whether with his family as well as Facetiming them.
    Moments That Demonstrate Dwayne Johnson is a Wonderful Father
  13. Whenever The Rock learned that his baby Tiana was a fan of Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman, he went right to the actor and had Jason produce a video for his lovely baby girl. “I had to make the call…” he said on Instagram.
  14. Despite his celebrity, he understands that nothing is more essential than spending time with his children. “I can’t hold ’em such as this ever, so you best believe I snatch the cookies as well as a love ’em up every second I can.” he wrote beside a photo of Jasmine with Tiana.