Most Memorable Appearances of Lady Gaga

A talented singer and, since recently, the actress always chooses unusual outfits for appearing in public. She proved that you can express your nature in different ways when you doing art and it must be recognized that Lady Gaga does this in everything: from her grandiose concerts to everyday walks. Here are 13 of the best extravagant singer outfits we have ever seen.

Sparkly Armani dress

The singer has repeatedly stated that her fashion looks like space because it is bright, unusual, and something unique. Sparkly Armani dress conveys the artist’s mood reminding us of outer space with millions of stars and planets. Most Memorable Appearances of Lady Gaga

Brandon Maxwell outfit

For Met Gala 2019, Lady Gaga chose a sophisticated designer pink dress. Even though it looked stunning, the singer tore off small pieces to show the layers hiding under it.

VMA 2009

That year was one of the main in Lady Gaga’s career. At VMA 2009, she received the “Best New Artist” award but when she stepped on the stage she shocked the audience with her designer red outfit that hid the face.

Oscars 2019

Going to the ceremony, Lady Gaga refused bright and defiant outfits, preferring a classic black dress made by Alexander McQueen. The luxurious image is complemented by a large diamond on the neck of the singer. Most Memorable Appearances of Lady Gaga

Meat dress

Even people far from music and cinema remember this challenging and outfit raining down a ton of criticism on Lady Gaga. But it is worth noting that the singer was the first to put on a raw beef dress demonstrating it at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010. Most Memorable Appearances of Lady Gaga

Oscars 2016

Her fashion and outfits can be crazy but choosing a more classic and neat dress Lady Gaga demonstrates her beauty and rigidity in every detail.

Valentino Couture dress

The singer does not hide her love for pink and the dress made by Valentino Couture looks fantastic. With its help, Lady Gaga expresses her position attracting the attention of the whole public.

AMA 2013

If someone could enter the American Music Awards 2013 on a white horse, then this is Lady Gaga! Lavender dress in combination with massive jewelry became her one of the best outfits.

O2 Arena in 2013

It’s hard to surprise Londoners with original outfits, but it looks like what Lady Gaga did at O2 Arena in London. The pink octopus costume was so unexpected!

Grammys 2015

Given the singer’s new hair color, Marc Jacobs created the perfect blue dress that made Lady Gaga the brightest star of that evening.

Superbowl Show 2018

A brilliant-colored diamond body attracted no less attention than Lady Gaga’s spectacular appearance at the main event of American football in 2018.

Near the hotel

Lady Gaga does not miss a single opportunity to show her nature and at the entrance to the hotel in 2013, we could see an elegant yellow dress with orange tones and huge heels. How does she walk with them?

VMA 2013

Sometimes it seems that Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga are the perfect duet because the designer complements the singer’s style and mood with crazy outfits like the one we saw at VMA 2013.