Most Mysterious Islands in the World

Life on the islands is different because of complete isolation from the mainland. This makes the islands a treasure trove of the unknown. No one knows exactly how many islands there are on our planet, but it doesn’t prevent travelers, billionaires, and ordinary people from going in search of the unknown. Each island is exotic, not ordinary, and has special features. However, we were able to make a list of the most unusual islands. Surely, on this list, you’ll find a place that’s a good choice for your next vacation there. Of course, if you manage to get there.

Uros Floating Islands, Lake Titicaca, Peru

Lake Titicaca is probably the most unique place not only in South America but all over the world. The lake is almost 4 km above sea level. The main attraction of the lake is inhabited floating islands. For many hundreds of years, a small nation called Uros living on the lake. These people have made floating islands from reeds and live on it. They make huts out of straw and sometimes even move with the isle along the lake. Most Mysterious Islands in the World

Isola La Gaiola, Italy

The isle is placed in the Gulf of Naples and consists of a pair of small islands that are related by a bridge. On one of the isles is a villa. Locals believe that it is damned because there are many deaths and mystical events associated with it. Mystical incidents on this island began in the 1920s. Then the proprietor of the isle named Hans Braun was found killed and wrapped in a carpet, and soon his spouse drowned in the sea. The next owner was a German, but he also died of a heart attack. Then Maurice Sandoz, who became the proprietor of Isola La Gaiola, died too. He killed himself in Switzerland. The next owners of the island survived but went bankrupt as soon as they bought the villa. The billionaire Gianni Agnelli, who became the next proprietor of the island, also caught up with the terrifying events. His son committed suicide and his nephew died of cancer. That’s why the island is uninhabited at the moment. Most Mysterious Islands in the World

Brother Island, New York

In the 19th century, Riverside Hospital was opened here. It was a quarantine area for those who suffered from smallpox. Not only smallpox was treated on the island, but also other infectious diseases, which at that time were considered incurable. The brightest person in the isolated hospital was Typhoid Mary. The woman had infected about a hundred people before she was able to be isolated from society. Mary spent 18 years in prison on the island and died of pneumonia in her cell. The area is closed to public visiting. It’s therefore difficult for an average tourist to visit the island. It would require a special permit. Most Mysterious Islands in the World

Ilha de Queimada Grande, Brazil

At first glance, this Brazilian island seems to be a great choice for tourists. But in fact, the Ilha de Queimada Grande is a great example of how a first impression can be deceiving. The problem is that the isle is filled with deadly snakes. This piece of land is located 15 km from the coast of Brazil. Brazilian authorities have banned people from visiting the island and it is uninhabited. It is visited only by scientists who managed to get special permission from the Brazilian officials. The reason for all these precautions is the presence of poisonous snakes on the island. Most Mysterious Islands in the World

Surtsey Island, Iceland

It is an uninhabited island that was formed in the sixties due to a volcanic eruption. Surtsey Island is closed for tourists. This place is only accessible to scientists who explore nature here. It should be noted that there is a high probability that an underground volcano will revive its activity. And at some point, the island will cease to exist. Most Mysterious Islands in the World

Olkhon Island, Russia

Almost every traveler who has found himself in Russia dreams to visit this island. Here, in ancient times shamans performed their rites and made sacrifices. Even nowadays, tourists have an opportunity to communicate with a real pagan priest and order a ritual for the expulsion of evil spirits from him. Most Mysterious Islands in the World

Sable Island, Nova Scotia

Sable Island is known for its many wild horses. If you want to visit this amazing island you will have to travel a long way. You can get there by airplane or boat. There is no infrastructure on this island. It is just a piece of wildland in the middle of the ocean, no more or less. Most Mysterious Islands in the World