Most Scary and Stunning Horror Films Ever

Emotions, adrenaline, fear are what horror films give us. Someone watches them on the eve of Halloween, while others cannot imagine their evening without screams and monsters. Every year there are new horror films, and it is more and more difficult to choose the best one in terms of atmosphere and graphics quality.


If you want it easier on yourself, you should definitely pay attention to the top-rated horror movies from our list. While they can be quite intimidating, some of them delight in the realism of everything that happens on the screen. Here are the movies you should watch at least once.

1) Let The Right One In

Nobody expected anything special from this movie, considering that this is another vampire drama. Another reason to doubt its success was the over-popularity of Twilight. However, the filmmakers of Let The Right One In used stunning visuals and the cinematography was so good that the film became a classic. Looking at how many vampire stories fail, this film can be called quite successful.
Most Scary and Stunning Horror Films Ever

2) Nosferatu

Don’t be confused by the age of this film. Although it’s been over a hundred years old, cinematography, ambience, and imagery are unmatched. Even the film mentioned earlier cannot compete with Nosferatu and how the director portrayed the story of the legendary Dracula. The movie definitely deserves a spot on this list.

3) The Shining

The visualization of the iconic movie makes you feel like a psychopath along with the unrivalled Jack Nicholson. Everything is ideal here, from the actors to the competent use of space. In short, this is an amazing horror film with a high rating.
Most Scary and Stunning Horror Films Ever

4) Alien

At the time the film was released, it was the best portrayal of hostile extraterrestrial life. Comparing Alien to the modern alternatives and their visuals, the film is a bit dated but still a strong competitor for every alien and space-themed movie. In addition to the magnificent screenplay, the director’s work, stunning as for that era visual effects, the great acting of Sigourney Weaver deserves to special attention. This movie opened her up for the public as one of the best actresses of that time.

5) The Lighthouse

Having checked dozens of films, we can confidently declare that The Lighthouse is the best adaptation of the story of a man who gradually loses his mind. First of all, the filmmakers use black colours (sepia) only, and the visual effects are used in such a way that the audience sometimes does not understand which of the two lighthouse keepers is going crazy. Additional motivation for watching The Lighthouse is that Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe are starring.
Most Scary and Stunning Horror Films Ever

6) American Psycho

At the beginning of the film, you might think that this is a regular film about maniacs and murders. But American Psycho is different, and at the very least, it shows the thinking and behaviour of real serial killers that makes the film quite engaging. You see how the killer goes to work, to bars, and how he gradually goes crazy. Of course, it is worth noting the great acting performance of the protagonist. Christian Bale has perfectly implemented all of the director’s ideas and made an incredibly strong character.

7) Pan’s Labyrinth

Speaking of horror films with stunning visuals, we must watch Pan’s Labyrinth film of Guillermo Del Toro. Even though its premiere took place almost 15 years ago, its visualization and atmosphere have not aged yet.

8) The Cell

It may not be the coolest and most dynamic film on this list, but it has a unique visual twist to it. Viewers move into the subconscious of a serial killer who is in a coma. Put it simply, this is a common crime story that unfolds in the mind of a serial killer, and you seem to know what awaits you. The movie is magnificent with its atmosphere, colourful outfits and of course Jennifer Lopez.