Myths and Tips Women Should Know About Washing Hair

Nowadays, hair washing is a common routine for most people because it is the easiest and traditional way of hair care. And for some people, hair washing is also the only procedure for care of their hair. We never think for long when we’re going to do it. But it’s not as simple as it seems at first sight. There are many misconceptions and myths about how to wash the hair. Not only most men don’t know how to do it properly. Many women and girls also have no idea what kind of water, which type of shampoo and how often need to wash their hairs. We have put together the most common myths that many women do not know.

Frequency of washing

Let’s start with the first myth. There is no need to wash hair daily. Moreover, you can simply increase oiliness this way. Too much shampoo, very dry hair, and your scalp begin to produce more and more oil. Naturally, your skin tries to reach the balance but your hair look will lose because of that. The best option about the frequency is to wash hair once in approximately two-four days. This is a recommendation only. Your case may be individual. So, we encourage you to rely on your feelings and judgments. If this advice is the right for you, the production of oil will normalize. Some women even wash their hair only one time a week. Myths and Tips Women Should Know About Washing Hair

How much shampoo do you need?

It is mistakenly to consider that you need a lot of shampoos to clean your hair for sure. Don’t strive to cover all your hair long. Alternatively, pay attention to the area closer to a scalp, its front, and back sides. In this case, make intense movements instead of using more shampoo. For reaching better results, suggest you using professional shampoos. Despite the higher prices, they can serve you longer and unsure of better results. Myths and Tips Women Should Know About Washing Hair

What about subs?

If you are experienced at using professional shampoos and natural means of care, you probably already know about subs. Using them is not the same as cleanliness. Subs emerged because of many harmful substances in shampoos, like sulfates. It is misleading to think that you will have more soft and silky hair after using them. The possible negative impact of such usage is that hair may simply lose its oils and can look worse after them. Alternatively, draw your attention to organic, natural shampoos. It is another myth that such means clean less than ordinary shampoos. But, this is actually not true. If we speak about high-quality organic shampoos, they are equally helpful and less harmful than the ordinary samples. Myths and Tips Women Should Know About Washing Hair

Perfect temperature

It is hard to imagine a woman who checks water with a thermometer. But still, pay your attention to this aspect also. At this point, women frequently believe in a myth that cold water will ensure healthiness and an amazing look of hair. But, this is not so. Alternatively, prefer warmish water. Opened cuticles will make it easy to clean any dirt, and washing will become even more pleasant. This way you will prevent any damages for your hair too. Coldwater will not able to do that. Myths and Tips Women Should Know About Washing Hair

Hair ends

Don’t cover your ends with shampoo in any case. The only thing you should do is to wash a scalp only. This is a place where oils originate. Washing out shampoo will automatically clean your ends. Many girls also face problems of weak and dry ends. Actually, this process is natural. To save hair ends, use various natural oils or professional care. Depending on its type, you should follow instructions and wash out everything properly. Such tools will help to nourish your ends and make them look better. Myths and Tips Women Should Know About Washing Hair


It is mistakenly to think that scrubbing can help you to clean a scalp. No, it will not. But, you will definitely damage it even if it can feel good at first glance. Harsh washing may result in tangling and even hair loss. Instead, always rub your hair gently by making side-to-side movements for only a couple of minutes to prevent any damages. Myths and Tips Women Should Know About Washing Hair

Using a conditioner

Here you should be wise. Another widespread myth is that you may get more benefits when using plenty of your conditioner. This product is for quick use only. So, read thoroughly its instruction to apply as it should be. Generally, you should hold it for 10 minutes only. But, in any case, this should not be around 30 minutes. You will not reach better results this way. Your hair has its own, let’s say, capacity. Myths and Tips Women Should Know About Washing Hair

Drying tips

First of all, avoid drying hair by using a towel if you don’t want to damage it. Alternatively, coat hair and make a turban of a towel but be careful in this case. This method may easily strain hair and make damages. You will likely lose this damaged hair in the future. Another approach you may follow to save yourself from the negative consequences of wrong washing is to scrap hair by using a towel. This way you will make it dry without damages. Yes, this procedure will be time-consuming but it can benefit the overall state of hair and its look. Try to be gentle with your wet hair as it is very sensitive. All you should do is to treat it in a way preventing any kind of damages. Myths and Tips Women Should Know About Washing Hair We understand there is a lot of information but we have summarized it. So… DO:  Rinse hair appropriately before its shampooing. Make it wet through the entire length.  Use warmish water but not cold or very hot.  Mix shampoo with water and use it for washing your scalp. This way will prevent you from adding extra shampoo.  Treat hair gently only. AVOID:  Avoid making abrasions because of scrubbing your scalp. Again, be gentle to yourself.  Avoid putting shampoo on your hair twice and using it for the entire length.  Avoid rubbing hair for making it dry. Hope all tips will be helpful. Wish you an amazing look and hair.