Proven ways to keep long distance love

Sometimes, a couple or family needs to separate and have relationships at a distance. Many people do not believe that love can be maintained remotely. They argue that there are a lot of difficulties to be faced. So, these people decide to find someone who is always close at hand. Creating the right relationship or saving what is already there, even when you see each other all the time, can be very difficult. And what do those people who for various reasons are far from each other, but confident in the power of their own feelings? With mutual desire, it is possible not only to save, but also to improve distance relationships. To do this, simply need to try harder than if your loved one was in the same city or one apartment with you. The most important thing is that you really feel love, because true love is not afraid of time or distance. Here are some recommendations for keeping your feelings at a distance.

1. Common goals

It’s about any romantic relationships, not just long-distance ones. Sometimes there are such funny situations when a girl has already invented a name for her future child, and boyfriend thinks that you just have casual sex. Because the couple hasn’t discussed their plans for the future yet. In a long-distance romance to agree on what your real relationship and what you can expect from each other is very important, because remote communication is a tough test. It is necessary to understand clearly what you are going to invest your time and emotional resources into. Proven ways to keep long distance love

2. Clear communication

A prerequisite for a successful relationship at a distance is its clarity. Long-distance contact with a loved one must be regular. Both you and your partner must be completely sincere with each other. No room should be allowed for guesswork, ambiguity and ignorance, only a clear trust relationship! Proven ways to keep long distance love

3. Discuss all rules at once

Various people are able to keep their love and faithfulness at different times. It is based on how carefully they care for each other. Each partner endures the separation differently. Someone can wait months to be reunited with their loved one, and someone constantly needs close communication or sex. What will your virtual affair be like while you can’t be together? Is it allowed to have sex or at least a simple conversation with another partner? It’s best to agree immediately on how you see your long distance relationship. This will help to avoid unnecessary questions, jealousy and quarrels. Proven ways to keep long distance love

4. Be more creative!

At a distance together you can play online games, watch simultaneously movies or videos. A long distance will not be a hindrance even for a common stroll, just turn on any application for interactive communication. Even sex can be done virtually. But this is a topic for a separate article, or maybe even a book! Proven ways to keep long distance love

5. Surprise each other

More often giving gifts to your loved one. It doesn’t matter if it’s his / her birthday, Christmas Day outside the window or if you just wanted to do something nice to your loved one. Whether it’s an expensive jewel, an elite bottle of wine or just a cute knickknack from an online store that can cheer up your partner. Send gifts to each other more frequently and it will make you feel closer, and the separation is not so painful. Proven ways to keep long distance love

6. Travel with loved one

Travel together as soon as you have the right opportunity. If this opportunity is far from you, try to create it yourself. What could be better than being in the same interesting place with your sweetheart? The memories of the time spent near your loved one in an exotic place will help your long-distance relationship. It’ s much better than the story of how you traveled alone. Proven ways to keep long distance love

7. Buy tickets in advance

Schedule a time in advance when you will meet with each other live, not virtually. For that, better buy tickets ahead of time. This way you will both wait for that wonderful moment when there will be an opportunity to reunite physically with your beloved. Proven ways to keep long distance love

8. Don’t underestimate the time you’re alone

The major mistake of many people in love is that they are devaluing the time spent in separation. Life is too short to pine and cry from call to call. Learn to appreciate the time of forced loneliness. It can be an important period of personal development and thinking about your relationship. Meet more often with friends and family, visit cultural places, and have fun. This way, even your loved one will find it much more interesting to be with you during a personal meeting. Proven ways to keep long distance love