Remember NY traffic, feel summer, go to cinema and blow off your steam with Normplay

NYC Summer Normplay: All New Yorkers hope that the pandemic will end soon and that they will be able to enjoy the summer which is nearing. But suddenly the covid-19 will not be defeated until July? Summer will not be complete without relaxation in parks and beaches. However, you want to visit Jacob Riis Park and Fort Tilden, at least virtually. Do not be discouraged, summer recreation can be organized in your own home. For this, we need a bag for cooling drinks, a lounge chair and a sun umbrella, which should be installed near the window. Put on a beach hat, swimsuit, grab a towel and sit down comfortably. If you don’t have enough sunlight, you can fix it. It is necessary to make the sun from colored paper and glue it to the wall. If it is very bright, you will need sunglasses and sunscreen. To avoid sunstroke, use the biggest saucepan or box. Just fill the container with water. Don’t forget to take a snack at the fake beach. Crackers and ice cream are great for this. To get maximum realism and the illusion of being on the beach under the scorching sun, you should take old meat from the fridge. When it is on the radiator, in a few minutes you will get sweat stains.

Remember NY traffic, feel summer, go to cinema and blow off your steam

Traffic Normplay: Covid-19 has impacted all life’s spheres, including car traffic. Car traffic in NYC has been reduced by more than seventy percent. This has positive effects on the environment and noise levels. It is much quieter in the city without the constant roar of motors, whirring sirens and annoying horns. But maybe you miss this car chaos that you see every day at rush hour? If you’re one of those freaks, don’t despair, this car hell can be reproduced in your own apartment.

There’s an easy way to reconstruct New York traffic. Get all the chairs in the house and put them next to each other. Turn on your smartphone and laptop, so they play different kinds of horns at the same time. To fully imitate a stressful situation, you will need an air horn or any other item that produces annoying sounds. Place the horn near your ear and enjoy. If this is not enough, ask your roommate or partner for help. Tell him/her to sit on a chair next to you, and shout loudly so that you move faster.

Movie Theater Normplay: Surely you have missed the cinema. Is there anything better to spend your free time like spending about twenty dollars for a ticket and watching invincible Liam Neeson? His character is a cool snowplow driver who will cheer you up, and free air conditioning in the movie theater will be a nice bonus to a good movie. But while cinema owners are praying for the defeat of coronavirus to avoid bankruptcy, you could reconstruct the cinema at home. For this, you need to mute the phone, sprinkle popcorn on the sofa and pour some soda on the floor to make it sticky like in a movie theater.

Remember NY traffic, feel summer, go to cinema and blow off your steam

SUCKA Normplay: Like every New Yorker, you probably had conflicting run-in with a stranger in public places. There are many characters in the NY streets who are real suckas, but this is as part of the everyday life of a metropolis as subway rats or traffic jams. Many of you must be missing it now. To get the thrill of this, you can play it at home. Involve a friend or roommate in the process. Distribute roles so that one of you is a failed artist or musician, and the other is a harsh critic. For a few minutes one of you should morally destroy the second one, humiliate his personal dignity with the dirtiest expressions. The lexicon must necessarily use verbiage such as sucka, nothing, miserable, mediocre and other golden words. Change roles so each one of you will get thrilled and remember everyday life that was before the pandemic. Just remember the main rule. You should not invite a boyfriend or gf, such normplay can deprive you of a romantic relationship and sex for a long time.