Sex for money, transphobic parents, desire to play a non-binary superhero and other facts about Indya Moore

Indya Moore is an atypical breath of fresh air in the modern world of show business. The 25-year-old transgender is a role model for millions of people from all over the world. For those who are still afraid to take an important step and show their true self to society. Indya Moore is talented non-binary actor and one of the main stars of the drama series from Netflix. He/she is the main highlight of “Pose” and the character who motivates viewers to watch this film story over & over again. Also, Indya is the face of the iconic Luis Vuitton label. Meanwhile, Time named the actor/actress one of the most influential people of the year in 2019. Indya Moore uses they, them, theirs to identify her own gender. Here are some facts about them which you might not know.

1. Indya left home because of transphobic parents

Moore was born in the Bronx. Her mother is a Puerto Rican woman, and her father is from the Caribbean region. They left home at the age of 14 and lived in several foster families. The reason for that decision was a lack of parental understanding and constant transphobia from loved ones. facts about Indya Moore

2. Moore ‘s parents are Jehovah’s witnesses

The genetic parents of Indya are Jehovah’s witnesses. That was the main problem of family relationships. The mother and father could not accept the child as he/she was. Constant conflicts, everyday quarrels and even physical punishment were traditional attributes of Indya’s childhood. Throughout the years of living together, parents tried to change their own child. Mom and especially dad wanted to instill the right way of thinking and change the behaviour of Indya. facts about Indya Moore

3. Foster mother forced young Indya to have sex for money

For some time, young Moore was raised by a transgender woman. That’s when Indya first tried hormone replacement therapy. Her foster mother, unlike her real parents, was not opposed to the uniqueness of Indya. On the contrary, the woman provided all kinds of help to young Moore to finally get the body that she/he had long wanted. But after some time, the foster mama stopped to give money for hormone replacement procedures and started forcing Indya to do terrible things. The woman persuaded Indya to have sex for money so that they could pay for the therapy themselves. facts about Indya Moore

4. Moore wants to change more with the hormone replacement therapy

Moore dropped out of school at 15 to get a job. Indya has attended several castings and got the opportunity to work as a model. A bit later in Moore’s life, acting came into being. Despite being involved in modeling Indya combined jobs with school and was able to obtain GED diploma. Biotechnology is a major passion and hobby of an actor/actress. Moore scrupulously explores the possibilities of hormone replacement therapy. But in order to realize all transgender dreams, Indya needs to have even more financial possibilities. facts about Indya Moore

5. Mom and dad reunited with Indya after many years

After many years, the movie star was reunited with real parents. If when Moore was fourteen years loved ones did not accept such a worldview of their child, now father and mother have learned to accept Indya as their son/daughter wants to be. Of course, parents cannot yet fully get used to the fact that their child calls himself/herself with pronoun “they”, but at least the mom and dad began to take part in Indya’s life. Sometimes the mother uses pronoun “he” as a habit, but Moore immediately corrects mom and reminds her to use the word “they”. Maybe parents have changed their attitude towards Indya because of her/his popularity and financial success. Or maybe it’s just the right time for a family reunion? Neither mother nor father is answering that question in public. Most importantly, Indya finally feels loved again. facts about Indya Moore

6. Star of “Pose” never attended acting lessons

Indya has never attended a drama class and is not planning to do so in the near future. Key elements of Moore’s success are daily hard work on the set and natural talent. The worldview of the character, whom Indya plays in the series “Pose”, is very close and understandable to the non-binary actor. Moore knows what it’s like to run away from aggressive pursuit in high heels. facts about Indya Moore

7. Indya wants to play a non-binary superhero

Indya Moore enjoys every moment on the set and hopes that their acting career is only at the beginning of the journey. After all, the actor has a dream of playing a transgender superhero. The character from the “Avengers” would be a good option for the series celebrity. Also, Indya Moore wants and believes that more and more non-binary actors will become cinema stars. facts about Indya Moore