Shocking things from Meghan and Harry’s interview

The revolutionary 2-hour long interview completely turned the royal family’s reputation upside down. Here, these former members of the royal family told Oprah about what they were going through when Meghan walked into Palace. The majority of these ruinous and scandalous revelations have left us jaw-dropped – the most shocking ones right here:

  1. Harry said about the time when the two were in Canada. The dad was not taking his phone calls. He talked that while he was “desperate” at the time he had just a couple of conversations with a dad before Charles ceased answering the son’s calls absolutely.
  2. The couple was not really married in the spectacular ceremony we have seen all over the world. The two married in their own courtyard with vows in writing of their own, it was by order of Justin Welby.
    Shocking things from Meghan and Harry's interview
  3. While Meghan was pregnant, the royal family worried about the baby skin’s color, and about how dark her son will turn out to be. Neither Meghan nor Harry did not reveal who actually told this, making us wonder all the more.
  4. They showed that Britain’s press is in complete control. The press remains at the mercy of the royals via an exchange of favors and perks. We found out everything about how biased they are when Oprah was showing the headlines with Kate and Meg. Kate got plaudits, meanwhile, Meg garnered unkind condemnation.
  5. The cause of Megan’s struggle for mental health was that she faced racism and endless harassment from the press. Besides, her isolation at the palace was complete, she was forced to conceal her problems, and at times she was not even permitted to go away.
  6. Harry claims that whenever he returned home from his job each day since Archie being born, he had arrived to find Meghan crying whilst she breastfed his baby.
  7. Meghan showed the depth of her mental issues and that she was having suicidal thoughts. Further, the interview went on to say that Meghan was having “true and frightening” ideas, and when she inquired at the hospital about getting psychological help, she was turned down. And Meghan found herself essentially trapped, having to surrender her own passport, driving license, and keys from the royals.
  8. Going one step further, when she went to the HR department at the palace for help, she was told they wouldn’t be able to help since she was not a paid staff member. And this all happened after Meghan stated about she did not wanna be alive anymore.
    Shocking things from Meghan and Harry's interview Shocking things from Meghan and Harry's interview
  9. The members of the royal family refused to propose Archie the title of courteous and attendant, suggesting that his life is not deserving of their protection. Once the royals backed down from their responsibilities, they had taken away the security for Harry as well. Meanwhile, the couple was getting murder threats, which made the situation worse.
  10. The couple explicitly declared that they feel “trapped,” but Harry went on to reveal the restrictions placed for other members of the family. He expressed about his father and brother trapped too.
    Shocking things from Meghan and Harry's interview
  11. Markle affirmed that it’s all about appearance, and noted a thing she’s learned from royals: “look is never what it seems”. It doesn’t matter what you went through, once the lights and the cameras are turned on, and you got all the attention, you have no other choice but to pretend that everything is okay.
  12. The worldwide yellow press ran stories about Meg making Kate cry. This interview found out that it was really the exact opposite! The argument was about clothes for Princess Charlotte. Markle said that it made her cry, and it was very hurtful for her.
  13. As for Harry’s relationship with William, they are not in the best place right now, or to be more precise, they just don’t exist at the moment. It makes some sense because William has largely been a supporter of the rules and has not ever crossed a red line.
  14. Looks like the Royals were frightened or envious of Meghan’s capability to be a real duchess so easily. Maybe it was because Meghan was like Diana, who had her own way and was loved by people.
    Shocking things from Meghan and Harry's interview
  15. Harry directly compared it to a history that repeats itself, it’s about the story with his deceased mom. He took this bold step to abandon the palace, fearing that his wife would come under the identical kind of pressure – especially when it comes to the added factor of social media plus racism. At the time of the interview, Meghan wore a diamond bracelet of Diana. Surely she did it for a reason and it’s an important message which Meghan wanted to send not only to the royal family but to the whole world.
  16. Also, we learned from the interview that Meghan is going to have a baby this summer. It looks like the couple finally found the family calm on the California farm. Oprah of course wasn’t left without a gift and got some eggs.