Super Serious Roles of 6 Famous Comedians

After some time, actors, even very famous, start to be chosen for a certain type of role that suits them well. For instance, some actors appear only as “bad guys”. Some of them play only “good boys” in movies. Some actors we know only for their funny roles. But, certain actors don’t afraid to try something new and appear as dramatic characters.

1. Steve Carell

This actor managed nearly impossible. He came outside the made view of incompetent and goofy character Michael (the Office). Instead, he appeared as John Dupont in Foxcatcher. This sports drama was based on real events. Steve acted as the protagonist in this dramatic movie. Carell took this risk and managed to succeed. Find time to watch this movie. It is great.

Super Serious Roles of 6 Famous Comedians

2. Jim Carrey

Jim’s flexible face can produce a real spectrum of expressions. Just remember his role in the film Mask. Carrey is a genius of comedy. But, after this role, producers chose him only for funny roles and nothing more.

Still, once he got his roles in The Truman Show and The Man on the Moon. These are funny movies but Carrey managed to appear successfully as a dramatic actor. Another movie of this kind is The Eternal Shine of a Spotless Mind. This science-fiction drama provided to Jim an excellent opportunity to appear as a dramatic actor, successfully once again.

Super Serious Roles of 6 Famous Comedians

3. Bill Murray

Bill Murray is another potentially good dramatic actor in the shadow of the previous comedic roles in movies Groundfood Day and Ghostbusters. You should be aware of the movie Lost in Translation where Bill appeared as a dramatic actor. This was a very successful experience for him and Golden Globe proved that.

4. Robin Williams

This actor we remember for his roles in the movies Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire. But, he managed to realize his potential not only as a comedian but also as a dramatic actor. His amazing dramatic roles in the films Dead Poets Society and Will Hunting confirm that. Robin has proven to be a good drama actor who can cry and play sadness easily.

Super Serious Roles of 6 Famous Comedians

5. Whoopi Goldberg

This actress is well-known for her roles in comedies but she was also successful as a dramatic actress. Her dramatic role in the movie The Color of Purple was one of the most successful and challenging at the same time. Whoopi even was nominated for Oscar. Still, she started to take comedy roles again after that role but we would remember that she is equally amazing as a dramatic actress also.

Super Serious Roles of 6 Famous Comedians

6. Adam Sandler

The filmography of this actor is full of strange and even vulgar comedies. These movies had a very simple plot and roles. But, Sandler can be also very powerful as a dramatic actor. He appeared as a neurotic guy who had two dominating sisters in the film Punch-Drunk Love. Another Sandler’s role in the film Uncut Gems is equally remarkable. We sincerely hope that he will continue to explore his talent by playing in dramatic and serious movies.

Super Serious Roles of 6 Famous Comedians

We hope you will find this list interesting and pick a couple of films to watch.