Supporting Actors Who Remembered by Viewers More Than Protagonists

At the heart of any good film is the development of a line for the protagonist. Their interactions and relationships with other characters propel the plot to its logical conclusion. Sometimes the brilliant acting and the charisma of the supporting characters overshadow the big stars making the film more interesting. Viewers know dozens or even hundreds of films in which minor characters steal the show of the main actors. We have selected 7 of the most popular cases that you must have seen.

Evans Peters (Quicksilver) – X-Men: Days of Future Past

In the film, Pietro Maximoff only had a few scenes but that was enough to gain the love of fans who want to see Quicksilver not only in the next X-Men films but also in the Avengers lineup. All it thanks to the two-minute scene where Evans Peters helps the heroes escape from the Pentagon guards. The charisma and comedy of Quicksilver made the superhero movie a little fun.

Andy Serkis (Ulysses Klaue) – Black Panther

In its films, Marvel always puts a special emphasis on support cast, and you can see how this works in Black Panther. Andy Serkis perfectly portrayed the cunning charismatic villain Ulysses Klau. The actor “takes” every scene in which he appears. Thanks to his cool criminal behaviour, Serkis easily outshined the other Marvel heroes!

Harrison Ford (Han Solo) – Star Wars

Did you know that the appearance of Harrison Ford in Star Wars was a coincidence? He was hired to read the script while other actors were filming. However, Luca loved Ford’s acting so much that he offered him the role of a space smuggler. The actor liked this decision and even asked to kill his character to add a little drama, but this was impossible due to his popularity. As a result, Han Solo remained until the end of the original trilogy, allowing Harrison Ford to show his talent even as a supporting actor.

Kieran Culkin (Wallace Wells) – Scott Pilgrim vs All

Throughout the movie, you can see Wallace. The role of Scott’s friend and room-mate was played by Kieran Culkin, who has a businesslike behaviour and funny lines. He also gives Scott Pilgrim some fun and at the same time effective advice by teasing him in every possible way.

Chris Tucker (Ruby Rhod) – Fifth Element

In this legendary film, Chris Tucker played a memorable supporting character of the 90s. Ruby Rhod is a cheerful and self-confident macho with a huge army of fans, but in any difficult situation, he panics and screams like a little girl. Bruce Willis certainly did a great job with its task, but as a supporting actor, Tucker got a lot of attention.

Tom Hiddleston (Loki) – The Avengers, Thor

The hilarious and cunning Asgardian has brought many hilarious and sometimes tragic episodes to Marvel’s films. Tom Hiddleston admitted that the hardest part of this role was understanding Loki’s motivation and desires. The actor managed to showcase the strength and power of his hero at every scene, so he outshone Lady Sif, Odin, and other minor characters from the movie.

Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lecter) – The Silence of the Lambs

We bet you didn’t know that Anthony Hopkins got no more than 20 minutes in The Silence of the Lambs. The character’s amazing talent and mood immediately grab the audience’s attention. That is just a man in a grey cell, but how many emotions does Hannibal Lecter, who has become a symbol of the legendary film, give!