Top 10 beauty labels for any skin type

The cosmetics industry is rising and, as a consequence, there are more choices for make-up and skin care than at any time. But although it’s good to have choices, it is fast becoming obvious that there are too many options. Recently, the selection of the right cosmetics has become a difficult test, because every day new products are produced and new brands are launched. This article will make your search easier. No matter what skin type and complexion you have, the brands that we recommend will definitely make you look better. We have gathered the best quality beauty brands with a high reputation. These 10 labels are perfect for any skin types.

1. L’Oreal

One of the oldest brands represented on the world cosmetic products contemporary market. The French company creates unique products, positively evaluated by elite stylists. L’Oreal produces professional cosmetics for beauty salons and products for the consumer at an affordable price. Top 10 beauty labels for any skin type

2. Bobbi Brown

Since 1991, when makeup artist Bobby Brown launched a collection of several shades of lipstick in a New York shopping center, the eponymous brand is rapidly gaining popularity. The label creates a unique make-up style that matches exactly what you are and represents your essence. Top 10 beauty labels for any skin type

3. MAC

The brand releases products with a wide range of colors and textures. MAC has bright and natural shades, which are suitable for consumers of all ages and social status. Cosmetic products undergo strict dermatological control, so they are safe even for sensitive skin. Top 10 beauty labels for any skin type

4. Chanel

Even though the label’s prices are not cheap, the cosmetics quality costs a few extra dollars. Chanel makeup is elegance, sophistication and luxury, which costs every spent penny. Each consumer will find the right product thanks to a huge range. Top 10 beauty labels for any skin type


Now the brand’s range includes more than four hundred products, though in 1994 Fran├žois Nars launched with only twelve lipsticks. With this label, any girl can enjoy opportunities that were previously only available to professional make-up artists. Top 10 beauty labels for any skin type

6. NYX

Nyx is the youngest and fastest developing cosmetics company. The main audience of the label are young girls who love bright style and do not want to be like others. Although the brand started its ascent to the cosmetic Olympus only in 1999, the label is already popular in more than seventy countries. Top 10 beauty labels for any skin type

7. Revlon

One of the largest companies producing products for make-up, body and hair care. Any woman can afford to buy Revlon cosmetics for herself, regardless of her skin type and financial situation. Top 10 beauty labels for any skin type

8. Estee Lauder

Cosmetic products of US label have taken a leading position in the world market, because they are made from natural ingredients safe for health and have a chic color palette. Creating enchanting images with the help of high quality cosmetics will be a pleasant and comfortable experience for you. Top 10 beauty labels for any skin type

9. Maybelline

Skincare products from company number one in the U.S. have become a real boon for women who value high quality, safety and efficiency of products. A huge cosmetics palette will help you look impeccable at any age and be confident in your own irresistibility. Top 10 beauty labels for any skin type

10. Covergirl

Improving women’s images is the philosophy of the Covergirl brand, which was founded in 1961. Cosmetics is commonly used in beauty salons, and usual customers have appreciated its effectiveness and quality. Top 10 beauty labels for any skin type