Top 10 Richest Animals In The World

Have you ever thought of any animal as a separate unit? We mean, you may think that animals can only be as rich as their owners, but this would be, certainly, untrue. We all know people can make millions of dollars as influencers of heirs, but did it ever occur to you that animals can make bank just by being themselves? We’re here to tell you about animals with their own bank accounts, and some of them even have their own trust funds. Some of these animals are actually busy working on film sets or doing commercials for specific brands. In case you need more proof that pets not only improve your life, but can also make their owners incredibly wealthy, here are 10 of the richest pets in the world.

1. Gunther IV: $375 million

Yes, this German Sheperd is the richest pet in the world. He inherited the money from his father, Gunther III, who inherited the money from his owner, the Countess Karlotta Leibenstein. She passed away in 1991, leaving $106 million to her dog. Through the years, trustees invested the money, which is how it got to nearly $400 million. This extraordinary dog owns not only a lot of money, but it also is an owner of the house in Bahamas. Moreover, this dog made an agreement with Madonna and bought an enormous mansion in Miami that she lived in for over $3 million. Do we need to name the average diet of this dog? It’s steak, caviar and truffles. Don’t be so envious. Top 10 Richest Animals In The World

2. Kalu (Chimpanzee): $90 million

Kalu is a chimpanzee and millionaire pet. Kalu was rescued in 1985 by Patricia O’Neill, wife of former Olympic swimming star Frank O’Neill. In 2000, O’Neill changed her will so that Kalu would inherit her estate near Cape Town, which is estimated at $90 million. Pure love wasn’t the only option why Patricia wrote Kalu into her will. She also wanted to spite her husband. Nowadays Kalu living a life of a millionaire chimpanzee on a private estate in South Africa, and is an owner of a farm in Australia. What a life. Top 10 Richest Animals In The World

3. Grumpy Cat: $99.5 million

There isn’t much to be grumpy about for this cat. First of all, we’d like to pay our respects to this special cat since not so long ago Grumpy went to Heaven. Some cats work hard for money, or they have smart owners who seize a good opportunity to make their cats become millionaires. The exact net worth of Grumpy Cat is unknown, but rumours has it’s about $100 million dollars. Grumpy Cat earned fame after her owner posted pictures of her grumpy face on the internet. This cat went viral and even starred in a film, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. We were really sorry to hear our friend passed away. Top 10 Richest Animals In The World

4. Olivia Benson: $97 million

Taylor Swift has three cats, Olivia Benson, Meredith Gray, and Benjamin Button. Olivia Benson might be of familiar… Why? Because that’s the name of the character on Law & Order series. Yup, you’re absolutely right. Taylor named her cat after the character in the TV show. But the most interesting thing about her cat is not her name – Olivia has a showbusiness career of her own. She starred in numerous commercials with her owner, including ads for brands like Diet Coke and Keds. What a time to be alive (and to be a cat)! Top 10 Richest Animals In The World

5. Blackie: $25 million

Have you ever been afraid of a cat crossing the road in front of you? Definitely, this cat wasn’t Blackie. This cat is No. 5 on our list. When antique dealer Ben Rhea died, he left all his fortune to Blackie, the last surviving cat of his 15 cats, instead of family members. He also left money to his gardener, plumber, and mechanic, and gave his home to a good friend. Now Blackie is a millionaire and has about $25 million. Would you call this cat unlucky? We won’t too. Top 10 Richest Animals In The World

6. Gigoo: $15 million

This case is one of the most interesting on the list. If you think you need to be a dog or a cat to benefit from wealthy owners, we can assure you that you’re wrong. Have you ever seen the chicken worth $15 million dollars? Meet Gigoo, the pet of late British publisher, Miles Blackwell. Blackwell has left a lot of his fortune to charity and set aside $15 million to ensure his belowed pet was taken care of after his death. The couple didn’t have any children, so Gigoo was the one to inherit some of money. Right now Gigoo continues to happily live in the British countryside. Top 10 Richest Animals In The World

7. Conchita: $11.3 million

This is, probably, the richest Chihuahua in the world. The mother of Conchita, Gail Posner, was a socialite and heiress living in Florida, who left $8.3 million plus $3 million beach home to her three dogs after her death in 2010. Posner’s son contested the will, saying his mother was coerced by the staff into giving her entire fortune to her pets. Top 10 Richest Animals In The World

8. Boo: $8 million

You probably have seen Boo before somewhere. Boo is a very famous and popular Pomeranian. Boo is so popular throughout the Internet that you can buy not only merch with Boo’s image printed on it, you can even buy stuffed toys of Boo that will almost look the same as the real dog. This little beautiful Pomeranian has millions of followers on social media platforms, thanks to her wise owners. Exact Boo’s net worth is about $8 million. Top 10 Richest Animals In The World

9. Bart the Bear 2: $6 million

This bear earned every penny by his own talent. If you ever had a chance to watch Dr. Doolittle 2, Evan Almighty, Into the Wild, We Bought a Zoo, and even Game of Thrones, then you are already familiar with this bear. Why is Bart the Bear 2? What happened to Bart the Bear 1? Bart the Bear 2 was named after a bear that used to work in the 1970s on movie sets. Despite of the fact they weren’t related, these bears have the same trainer. Top 10 Richest Animals In The World

10. Trouble: $2 million

Leona Hemsley, an American businesswoman, known as the Queen Of Mean, left to her dog, Trouble, a fortune of $12 million. Yet, her grandchildren disagreed with her will and contested her decision in court, saying that the socialite had problems with her mental health. The judge, then, decided that Trouble will get only $2 million and her grandchildren the rest of the money. Until the last year, when the Maltese dog died, it had a permanent guard, since there’ve been a lot of kidnapping threats. Top 10 Richest Animals In The World