Top 8 Most Outspoken Celebrity Feminists

The struggle for women’s rights did not begin in the 21st century, as many people believe. Its origins date back to the beginning of the last century, when suffragettes began to assert their rights. They set fire to offices, cut telephone cables, and staged protests. All for the sake of being heard and getting the right to vote. Their case continued later, around the beginning of the 1960s, when American women began to organize pickets for the right to make decisions about abortion and receive social benefits for working women. Over the course of these two centuries, women have taken small steps to assert more and more their rights to education, to vote, to work, and to control their bodies.
These days, feminism is still gaining strength every year, despite the large number of people who spoil the concept of feminism in the root. Hollywood women who use their popularity and the right to vote to make life easier for women and equalize their rights have not been left out. And, dare I tell you, they’re damn good at what they do!

1. Scarlett Johansson

One of the most famous and wealthy women in Hollywood, Scarlett Johansson, is among those who fight for women’s rights. Scarlett, whose fortune is now estimated at $100 million dollars, has not always been so successful. Now we consider Natasha Romanoff an integral part of the MCU, but in the past, she has repeatedly said that she had to face an unequal distribution of salaries, which she has always fought for and is fighting for. We can assure you that she does it.
Top 8 Most Outspoken Celebrity Feminists

2. Madonna

The legendary Madonna is not only a unique artist and an amazing woman, but also a person who gives a lot of effort to fight inequality in life. Madonna believes that men are now given a lot of freedom and most of their actions go unpunished, and she is fully fighting for justice and equality. She believes that this inequality can be eliminated only if all women in the world find the strength to unite to carry their word.
Top 8 Most Outspoken Celebrity Feminists

3. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood and one of the most famous symbols of feminism around the world. Natalie Portman does not accept radical feminism, preaching that feminism is not only about strength, but about the desire to be heard and believes that any even the most fragile woman can and should defend their rights to life.
Natalie has noticed in many interviews how important it is for Hollywood to show and present feminism as it should be, and in no way in a radical manner. Natalie is one of the few Actresses who has touched on the topic of inequality in the distribution of salaries in Hollywood.
Top 8 Most Outspoken Celebrity Feminists

4. Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham made a significant contribution to the development of feminism in Hollywood. Lena Dunham is an actress and comedian, and she exercised her right to be heard. Lena is still single and adheres to the ideas of body positivity. In 2012, Lena took a radical approach to solving the problem of inequality in society and announced the release of a series in which women will be themselves. The series was called “the Girls” and was warmly received by both critics and viewers. After this success, the feminists had no choice but to welcome Lena into their ranks with open arms.
Top 8 Most Outspoken Celebrity Feminists

5. Beyonce

Another prominent representative of feminism is the star of the music scene Beyonce. In 2013, the singer released an album, laconically and simply called it “Beyonce”, which was dedicated to the theme of feminism. In 2017 during her speech at MTV Video Music Awards she called herself a modern feminist. Beyonce admitted that for a long time she avoided using the word “feminism” and tried to Express her position through music, but later in her heart she realized that feminism is about gender equality, respect for women and love.
Top 8 Most Outspoken Celebrity Feminists

6. Rose McGowan

Few people have not heard about the Harvey Weinstein case right now, but few people know that rose was one of the very first people to talk about violence and launch the #HarveyGate wave.
McGowan has become one of the leaders of the “Time’s Up” and got along with other people who spoke out on the topic of violence and inequality.
It should be noted that rose is a representative of aggressive feminism. Aggressive because she once attacked Adam Sandler for sexism. But this act did not win respect from everyone, so her previous Manager left her, and the actress herself was accused of violence and homophobia. As with everything in life, the struggle always ends in both victories and defeats.
Top 8 Most Outspoken Celebrity Feminists

7. Emma Watson

We couldn’t help but mention this beautiful actress in this list, because we consider her one of the most prominent representatives of this movement. Emma Watson became a UN Goodwill Ambassador in 2014. Moreover, Emma has launched her own company called #HeForShe, which campaigns for men to also fight for women’s rights, and has a sharply negative attitude to the topic of radical feminism and violence. Emma believes that feminism is primarily about equality, respect for women and their safety. And, dare we admit, her point of view has a right to life and has gained more than one thousand new followers in recent years.
Top 8 Most Outspoken Celebrity Feminists

8. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is not only a great actress and the mother of many children, she is also a UN ambassador and spends a lot of time in Africa and Asia.
Angelina devotes a lot of time, money and effort to fighting inequality in society, and always notes that every country, regardless of its own legislation, should protect women and not infringe on their rights. She believes that women are not only victims of military conflicts and political games, but also of well-planned actions. Angelina believes that society should protect and preserve women, and the right to education is one of the most important. She believes that an educated, intelligent woman is an excellent reinforcement for society and the world as a whole. Almost all the humanitarian aid that it donates is aimed at developing and maintaining this concept.
Top 8 Most Outspoken Celebrity Feminists