Top stupid & cliché romcoms ever

Of all the popular cinema genres, a romantic comedy is perhaps the most clichéd one. Originality in this genre is more difficult to meet than an American spy in a Siberian forest. Some romance clichés are annoying, which interferes with enjoying the movie. Many people will agree that if one has seen one rom-com, that means seeing all romcoms. Your hand is always on your forehead, and you pronounce the word “dumb” really often. What is more, these comedies are full of awkward situations that force people to feel cringy. We would like to show you the top 8 worst romcoms ever!

“40-Year-Old Virgin”

There are 3 reasons not to watch this one. The first one is the boringness. The film is impossibly dull. To such an extent that you have to make a lot of effort to force yourself to watch to the end, not fall asleep and not hang out in the kitchen with a glass of tea, just not to return to the screen. The second one is stupid jokes. The name of the comedy speaks for itself. The last one is that comedy turns into whole drama at the end.

 “Employee of the Month”

That’s not a good sign if famous pop stars are noticed in any film. The employee of the month is not an exception. The whole plot is that two employees want to pick up a new hot co-worker. These characters are cliché as hell: one of them is a loser, and another is a perfectionist. They think that if they become the employee of the month, one of them will have 100% to get the girl. Maybe for them, this title equals to an alpha man.

“The Heartbreak Kid”

What a top 8 list without films with Ben Stiller? The protagonist has been looking for an ideal girl for half his life. In every girl he met, he saw some minor flaws that did not suit him. Here is his last girlfriend, without waiting for a marriage proposal, marries another man. A typical comedy about a loser.

“My Boss’s Daughter”

Everyone has watched that film where animals are the best actors. In this film, you would rather watch at owl actions and performances than at Tara Reid’s ones. However, Ashton Kutcher was not the worst choice for his role. Still, the film is full of cringe. “My Boss’s Daughter” is a parody comedy. Its plot is based on curiosities and awkward situations, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity.

 “The Hottie and the Nottie”

The classical cliché where the hot and ugly girls met. The main idea of the film is just overused. If you wish to watch some movie with Paris Hilton, just stay away from this one. Two besties know each other for centuries. The Hottie promises to The Nottie that she will not date anyone until the Nottie finds a boyfriend. Yes, yes, yes, we have seen this plot dozens of times.


Sometimes the best way to describe a film is to say what actors are involved in it. To describe this “masterpiece”, one has to watch its awards. They are the worst director, worst screenplay, worst actress, worst actor, worst on-screen couple, and worst picture. What to say, the film got 2.5 out 10 on the IMDB. It took a long time for Ben Affleck and Angelina Jolie to recover after that film.

 “Good Luck Chuck”

The protagonist’s friend is a funny fat man obsessed with sex, but who has absolutely no luck with it. In the film, you will find scenes of masturbation with a grapefruit warmed up in the microwave. Of course, at the end of the story, he must be lucky, and he will meet a silly long-legged blonde who will be about a head taller than him. If you are over 14, we don’t advise you to watch this movie.

 “Over Her Dead Body”

We have to admit that the plot of this movie is unique. Still, it does not mean that the story is good. During the wending of the young couple, an angel’s ice statue falls right onto the bride, played by Eva Longoria. Paul Rudd’s groom wants to move on and start a new life, he finds a woman he thinks he can love. Some strange things start happening. He suspects that this is the dead groom’s ghost. Surprisingly, with the help of a strong medium, he finds out that his dead bride’s spirit is real.