Truths About Mikayla Nogueira That You Should Know

This up-and-coming content producer is dominating TikTok. She’s a beauty influencer that focuses on providing unedited video content. Despite the fact that she experiments with current makeup products, Mikayla’s content distinguishes her as a unique type of beauty influencer since she does not adhere to traditional beauty norms. When the girl was just in her early twenties, yet she has established an incredible brand. How much do you know about this social networking guru? Check out these intriguing things about Mikayla Nogueira if you want to understand more about this TikTok superstar.

Mikayla’s content is unpolished on purpose

The girl ensures that her beauty tutorials are authentic due to her opinions on what is relevant. People don’t connect with scripted videos, according to Nogueira. “That’s not how it works in real life. “All I need is to be real.” In a video, she stated that she would create the “ideal appearance for heading to Olive Garden.”
Truths About Mikayla Nogueira That You Should Know

She speaks with a Boston accent

She was born in 1988 in Boston. In her videos, she is recognized for her natural Boston accent. It gives her a distinct style that helps to establish her brand.
Truths About Mikayla Nogueira That You Should Know

Her socials accounts have a large number of fans

She not only has a TikTok but an Instagram page. She has millions of fans thanks to the combination of these two platforms. They like listening to her opinions about different beauty products.

Mikayla’s escape has always been via makeup

Her lifestyle was not always like this, despite though she has a lot of people that follow her and pull towards her. She had a difficult childhood and was not always treated with kindness by her classmates. “I was not welcomed in a variety of ways,” she explained. “I have a deeper voice and I am quite a short girl. And using cosmetics was a method for me to get away from it.”
Truths About Mikayla Nogueira That You Should Know

Makeup is an artistic expression for Makayla

She, like many other beauty gurus, considers makeup to be an art. Makeup is often regarded as a superficial and shallow thing. Those who have relied on cosmetics as a savior, on the other hand, see it as much more. “For a long time, cosmetics was the place where I went to feel joyful, to feel loved,” she added.

The girl began posting online during the epidemic

She has amassed an incredible number of followers in a very short period of time. She uploaded her first TikTok video in March 2020, which was a little over a year ago. She began her social media career with the Catfish Challenge, and it was a social media sensation last year. The Catfish Challenge is that when girls glam-up in makeup and post a comparison video of themselves bare-faced on social media to see if they are a “catfish.
Truths About Mikayla Nogueira That You Should Know

Her debut video was a huge hit

“As soon as I posted it, it became viral,” she explained. She demonstrated how well she can conceal her acne in her video. She’s getting a lot of love and admiration for her cosmetic abilities in the comments. She’s not afraid to talk about her skincare struggles and how she overcame them. “I was aware that people loved watching me and because I had a following, but I had no idea the impact was so significant,” she added.

She got an American Influencer Awards in 2020

The woman rose to heights of popularity that many other influencers haven’t been able to achieve in years because of her videos. In 2020, she was voted Emerging Makeup Artist of the Year at the American Influencer Awards. An incredible achievement, isn’t it?
Truths About Mikayla Nogueira That You Should Know