Ways not to lose your mind and survive quarantine with Normplay

Most New York citizens have been in self-isolation for over a month. People are trying not to leave their apartments to stop the spreading of coronavirus. Almost all cultural sites, recreation areas, sports facilities and even public catering facilities are closed indefinitely. Libraries, stadiums, museums and concert halls are currently unable to accommodate visitors. Only restaurants, bars and cafes continue their work. These institutions are also not able to operate normally and continue their business due to the ability to deliver food to customers’ houses. The luminous and welcoming metropolis, which has amazed all locals and tourists with its 24-hour activity, is in a dormant state. Residents hardly ever leave their homes, they only occasionally come out for the most needed shopping or to visit their loved ones.
When a human being is always in an enclosed space and sees only the walls of his own home, he/she may go mad. Maybe it’s already happened to some people, and somebody is just getting started. There is a good way not to lose your mind in time to self-isolate. It’s very simple! You have to recreate the everyday routine in your own apartment.

Surely everyone is known about cosplay or at least sometimes arranged role-playing games. Normplay will help recreate everything that a person does in everyday life. Only it will happen in your own apartment, not on the street or in some public place. For this use any household items and pieces of interior. The main purpose of normplay is to replace everything that has been lost due to self-isolation and to return to the previous lifestyle.
You can reproduce absolutely any situation from your previous life that you miss. It could be a subway trip, a visit to the hospital or a public transport ride. Or maybe you miss the slush that is so common on the streets of New York City. To play these everyday events, you simply need to use the household furniture that you have. You can put various items in the room and jump over them. This will remind you of when you jumped slush lagoons and ruined your shoes.
Next you’ll know about two ways not to get bored at home. These are great scenarios for normplay according to illustrator Matt Lubchansky.
Closet Subway Normplay: While some people still have to use the subway, many New Yorkers have stopped riding trains. The subway is an attribute of modern life, which is essential to the lifestyle of a New York resident. If you miss it, you can play it in your own closet. The best way to recreate this routine of day-to-day life is a large closet filled with clothes. First you need to turn on YouTube and find a video that has subway sounds. Then put on the clothes that you wear for work or business meetings. When everything around is already reminded of the moment when you are about to get on the train, do it. Stand in the closet and grab the clothes rack with your hands. With more shirts, jackets and pants in the closet, you can recreate a realistic subway atmosphere.

The bathroom is also perfect for recreating the subway experience. To get the most realism it is necessary to steam the room in advance. This will remind you of the time when there is no air conditioning on the train. Do not forget to dress up in a work attire and activate a laptop or smartphone with subway sounds.

Fancy Restaurant Normplay: While you are not able to visit favorite places for a cozy and tasty meal, arrange a restaurant at home. If you are not willing to cook or just don’t know how to make it delicious, you may order a food and drink delivery. I hope your favorite restaurant has this option, and they can bring delicacies to your home. Wear an outfit that fits the dinner status, or those clothes that you would have worn if going to the restaurant today. Next, you need a menu with a checklist of dishes that can be served on the table. Waiter’s a must, too. A pet would make a great restaurant worker, whether it’s a cat, a dog or maybe even a guinea pig.
To completely recreate the restaurant atmosphere, you need to turn on the music. The style of sound depends on your mood and location you would like to be in. Tune the volume so that you feel comfortable. At the same time, do not forget about your neighbors, do not disturb other people and turn the music too loud. If you want to be in a bar, just pour the beer on the floor and turn the volume up. Remember, neighbors will probably not like it!