What do celebrities do when quarantine and a lot of time?

What do you think is the best way to spend your free time during almost two months lockdown? The answer, doubtless, will be to spend your time with your family as much as possible. But what if you have a little more free time? Hold on a second, we have a suitable option for you. We all live in the age of social media, without any doubt many of us have Twitter and Instagram accounts, and it’s more enjoyable than ever to see what our beloved celebrities are doing while on quarantine. You know, it’s like looking at yourself in the mirror every morning. Fresh face with no make-up, being yourself as much as possible. Isn’t it captivating to look at your favourites and remembering they’re not surrounded by team of make-up artists, barbers and other representatives of the fashion industry 24/7? I mean, we’ve seen most of them without any glam, of course, but isn’t it fun to share the same emotions we’re having right now at home altogether? Let’s take a look at the lives of some celebrities right now and see how they cope with worldwide isolation.

1. Ryan Reynolds

Our favorite Deadpool, Detective Pikachu and many more, Ryan Reynolds, right now is enjoying his quarantine with his amazing wife, three great kids and his mother-in-law. No doubt, being the only man in the house with such a huge family is challenging, but we can assure you Ryan is brilliantly cope with this task. He’s really enjoying his time with the girls and doing the best he can to be the best Dad in the world. Doing make-up, nails or making fashion dresses out of tissue paper? He is so in! We all do distance learning with our kids, brothers ans sisters right now. So do Ryan, saying it’s not as easy as it may look like. A perfect example of good father and husband, isn’t he? Despite of the fact he’s really looking awesome without barbers, him and his wife, Blake Lively, has agreed to give him a haircut. Waiting? Absolutely! What do celebrities do when quarantine and a lot of time?

2. Shakira

We won’t speak about Shakira’s talent to perform on stage, stating the obvious, but can you guess how she’s spending her time on quarantine? She’s getting a degree in ancient philosophy, of course! That’s what she is, a unique gem. If you look at her, you will see this amazing woman still looks like there’s no presence of makeup on her face in her 40s. Should we comment on her shape? We don’t think so. She’s totally fabulous. Even though she’s taking care of her kids 24/7, and yet she’s made a decision to study philosophy (it’s really tough, trust me) in the evenings while her children having dreams in their beds. Always be your best self. What do celebrities do when quarantine and a lot of time?

3. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

We don’t think there’s a single person in the world, interested in cinema, hasn’t watched “Forrest Gump”. Yes, the next on the list is Tom Hanks with his wife Rita Wilson. We won’t hide the fact, we were really upset when Tom announced him being tested positive for COVID-19. Recent time, him and his wife are managing the disease in Australia. Tom’s doing all his best to stay in touch with his fans on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Fortunately, he and his wife are on the mend. Moreover, they’re planning to donate blood for research of the vaccine. Let’s wish them good health. What do celebrities do when quarantine and a lot of time?

4. Kaley Cuoco

At one time the Big Bang Theory made a bit of a stir, and we wish everyone who’s not familiar with this series at least take a look. Recently a star of the BBT, Kaley Cuoco, astonished her fans by posting no makeup photo with her lovely “Dumpy” dog on her private Instagram. Do we need to say we were drop dead after seeing such a gorgeous shot? Judging by the picture, we can say with absolute certainty she’s rocking the bare face. Presumably, the photo was taken a few days ago before the lockdown, so there’s no need to rush into a makeup in the distance. What do celebrities do when quarantine and a lot of time?

5. Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell, a star of numerous films and TV-series, right now is under quarantine alongside with her family. There were countless Instagram stories made by her, but the most fun was about having tooth filling on her own. What do you think was the next step? Yes, livestreaming this. Sure, we all go sometimes crazy, especially when we’ve done all the necessary business. Being locked at home for a long time is really tricky, but let’s give her some credit – she’s doing her best. She has also raised an issue how to barring a failure of nerve being with your partner 24/7 at home. Hopefully for her, she and Dex (her husband) coped with the task brilliantly. What do celebrities do when quarantine and a lot of time?

6. Taika Waititi

Ah, Taika Waititi. One of the best directors of this century, who recently introduced us the “Jojo Rabbit” film (take a look, it’s brilliant), is doing absolutely okay spending a lot of time with his family. When we saw his selfie on Instagram with a perfect head shave for the first time, we immediately thought about his “What We Do in the Shadows”. Just joking. Being a father is a difficult task, and Taika Waititi allowed his children to transform into barbers with clippers. The director of Thor: Ragnarok is always looking fresh and magnificent in his outfits and perfect hair, and now, hand on heart, we can say he’s rocking the shaved head. We’re waiting to see him at work as soon as possible! What do celebrities do when quarantine and a lot of time?

7. Antonio Banderas

The next is “Desperado”. Yeah, we are going to have a talk about Antonio Banderas. Look at this selfie made a few days ago. Do you see some Wolverine vibes here? We do. While being on quarantine, Antonio doesn’t fear to let his beard grow a little bit wild. What’s the best way to spend your time? Just cook some pizza and pasta, think about being more positive and try to have smile like Antonio. What do celebrities do when quarantine and a lot of time?

8. Katy Perry

Who do you think about when it comes to multi-million views on YouTube? Undoubtedly, one particular person comes to mind lightning-fast. Katy Perry has recently announced that soon she and her partner Orlando Bloom will become parents. Her Instagram is one to be followed, believe us. She’s so charming there and posting interesting things on her account. Incredible costumes while being locked down? It’s all about Katy and her personality. What do celebrities do when quarantine and a lot of time?

9. Kylie Jenner

One of the most followed persons on Instagram, trendsetter, businesswoman and a woman to be inspired of, Kylie Jenner, interchanged her gold skin for the white one just like when she was younger. It’s really awesome to see a woman, who’s owning dozens of beaty products, enjoys being absolutely fresh during quarantine. With or without makeup, Kylie always stays hot. What do celebrities do when quarantine and a lot of time?

10. Julia Roberts

What do we really want to see on social platforms while lazily browsing feed before bedtime? We want to see people who are just like us. Julia Roberts wasn’t afraid a minute to show the world she is not only a hot and glamorous Hollywood star, but a woman who doesn’t need to wear makeup everyday. Her bare face with her hair go all wild looks really magnetic and neat. We hope that more people, especially women, will take into consideration you needn’t to be glamorous all the way. Sometimes it’s just better to show the world your naturalness. Just like adorable Julia. What do celebrities do when quarantine and a lot of time?