What makeup is suitable for face masks or N95s

To safely use protective masks and N95s during the pandemic, it is necessary to follow medical advice. First of all, make sure that the protective mask completely covers your mouth and nose. Also, always wash your hands after removing the mask. And when this protective accessory has finished fulfilling its intended purpose, the mask should be disposed of or properly prepared for reuse.
In public institutions, employees must take all necessary precautions to prevent the penetration of the virus into their bodies. Medical personnel are the people who are most at risk. After all, in hospitals, the probability of infection is much higher than anywhere else. The smallest thing that health workers can do during a pandemic is partially stop using makeup. Either rinse cosmetics off the lower part of the face before wearing a mask. Lack of masks is the main, but not the only, reason for such actions from medical professionals.
What makeup is suitable for face masks or N95s
California Hospital doctor says that cosmetics should not get on the mask. In that case, this protective accessory will be considered unsuitable for further use because the mask is already contaminated. The fact is that the mask or N95s cannot be sterilized if there are at least some cosmetics on their surface. It is not even worth talking about those masks that are heavily soiled with lipstick, creams or lotions.
Boston medical officer also gave a clear answer and agreed with a California colleague. She added that all kinds of cosmetic products spoil the tissue of the mask and make it a weak protective barrier. The medical officer added that make-up will dirty the mask surface and reduce air filtration. A dirty protective accessory will not be effective against dangerous pathogens, because the air filtration in the respirator will be poor. Any cosmetics that touch the mask will reduce its defensive properties. Lipstick, sunscreen or even aftershave lotion should only be used with respect to important rules.
The Boston Hospital staff member will pay special attention to makeup products that can be used before wearing a mask. Make sure that the layer of cream or lotion you intend to apply to the face is as thin as possible. You should always wait until the cosmetic product is completely dried out. And only after the make-up is completely absorbed by the skin it is possible to wear a mask on the face. If cosmetics are poorly absorbed and you feel moisture on your face does not need to rush. Wait until the lotion, balm or gel is completely dried. If cosmetics do not penetrate well into the pores of the face, it is better to simply wash them off to avoid contamination of the protective mask.
The medical specialist summarizes that multiple washes of tissue masks will weaken their fibers and this will have a negative impact on their effectiveness. After all, there is nothing terrible about applying cosmetics only to the part of the face that is free from the mask. You can get makeup on your eyebrows, eyelashes and forehead. But you should not paint your lips or apply make-up around your mouth.