What We Know About Russell Brand’s Wife

Fans of the controversial and slightly weird comedian have noticed how he turned into a self-proclaimed guru with philosophy for his life. Russell’s greatest fame came when he suddenly married Katy Perry…and the couple also suddenly divorced. Then Russell Brand married again and even became a father. He changed his approach to many things and we wondered how his wife manages to make such an impact on the British comedian. Let’s talk a little about Russell’s wife and discuss some details.

Who is She and Where is She from?
And although her name is Laura Brand, you may know her under a different name – Laura Gallacher (no one knows the reason for the change of her last name). She is a daughter of the famous Scottish golfer Bernard Gallacher. Looking at Laura’s photographs, you might think you’ve seen her somewhere else. The fact is that she looks like her sister Kirsty who appears frequently on British TV.
What We Know About Russell Brand's Wife

Where did Russell Brand Meet His Wife?
The comedian met his future wife a long time ago. Moreover, they even had a romantic relationship in 2007. Since then, they have met frequently and have supported each other significantly. We can say that Laura, along with millions of fans, watched Russell’s personal growth and his transformation into a philosopher.
What We Know About Russell Brand's Wife

When Did The Wedding Happen?
The wedding took place in the summer of 2017. Although it is known that the British Stand-Up star made a marriage proposal in the summer of 2016. This is understandable because planning such a special day takes a lot of time. The wedding took place in Henley-on-Thames and it is noted that it had an unusual theme of Indian culture.
What We Know About Russell Brand's Wife

Do These Two Have Children?
Yes! Russell Brand and Laura Brand are raising two children. The first daughter Mabel was born in 2016 before their wedding took place. The news of the birth of their second daughter Peggy appeared on the Internet in 2018. The comedian seems to be fully enjoying his role as a father. In numerous interviews, he says how much he loves his family and he is ready to do everything possible for the happiness of his daughters.
What We Know About Russell Brand's Wife

What Does Laura Gallacher Do?
Laura runs her blog and also has her clothing line. You can visit her website called “Joy Journal” and see many creative jumpsuits. It started during the first pregnancy. To distract herself from toxicosis, Laura was creating different designs and clothes at home. Having made some jumpsuits for herself and her friend, she realized this was her business!
What We Know About Russell Brand's Wife

How to be a Wife, Mom, and an Author?
Raising two daughters, Laura continues to seek creative ideas and projects. By visiting her Instagram account, you will find hundreds of posts about creativity and their favourite family activities. The wife of the British comedian even wrote “The Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play” book offering the best parenting tips. Laura says that the 50 tips she described are simple enough to follow every day.
What We Know About Russell Brand's Wife