Whose Style You Choose: Dua Lipa vs Kendall Jenner

Many trends are determined by celebrities because they always appear at social events and in public. They have a lot more outfits than we do, and every time they are ready to change their image. If you’re stumped, and the clothes in your wardrobe seem boring, take inspiration from celebrities! Today we will compare the style and look of two beauties: Dua Lipa & Kendall Jenner. It looks commonplace if you follow fashion, however, we think these two are really contributing to the industry. So which of the two styles would you like best?

Sparkly Mini Dress

At first glance, these two are the same details, but the truth is hidden in the details. So, Dua’s dress looks very tight and vaguely resembles Barbie dresses, which we cannot say about Kendall.
Whose Style You Choose: Dua Lipa vs Kendall Jenner

Especially White Dress

It seems like the perfect solution for a special evening, but you have to opt for a top & skirt combo that is reminiscent of the ’90s (Dua Lipa) or an asymmetrical skirt that Kendall Jenner chose.
Whose Style You Choose: Dua Lipa vs Kendall Jenner

Fluffy Crop Top

And one more outfit that came to us from the 90s. Cropped sweaters often make a comeback, but which one do you choose: the pastel pink cardigan by Kendall or that one that Dua wears for her glamorous photoshoots?
Whose Style You Choose: Dua Lipa vs Kendall Jenner

Red Carpet

Both of these dresses look so great on the red velvet carpet. They have a lot in common, including a chunky necklace and no straps. But when choosing a dress, Kendall opted for an edgy cut while Dua opted for a flowing cut. This detail is the main difference.

Pink Co-Ord

A sleek and skinny outfit for Kendall Jenner, or wide slit pants complemented by a custom-made mini bra by Dua Lipa. Choose is a heavy one because both outfits delight the audience. Are you strong to right choose?

Black Evening Gown

At an event with a strict dress code, men always have less choice, while girls suffer for a long time in doubts because they have such a wide variety of outfits. Dua Lipa pulled out a long black evening gown from her closet, and Kendall donned a short black dress with earrings as a decoration. It is worth noting that both girls were magnificent.
Whose Style You Choose: Dua Lipa vs Kendall Jenner

Puffy Pink Dress

The two dresses are the same except for the shades: neon shade for Kendall and muted pink for Dua. An unusual choice, as Dua Lipa is famous for her love of bright colours.
Whose Style You Choose: Dua Lipa vs Kendall Jenner

Silver Dress

Both celebrities made unusual choices, and it’s hard to say which one won. Dua Lipa’s dress seems a little boring and conservative while Kendall’s is rather quirky. It all depends on your preferences, but you have to choose.

Tan Dress

The difference is obvious: Kendall Jenner’s classic style with heels and a sporty outfit with sneakers for Dua Lipa.