Why should you keep an eye on gay who mistreat big cats or Tiger King from Netflix!

This new documentary project from Netflix managed to do the impossible. The brutal show Tiger King took people’s attention away from the stressful news about the coronavirus pandemic. Tiger King is a seven-series documentary show. The main character is Joe Exotic. He is an eccentric tiger breeder, owner of private zoo in Oklahoma and gay. His husbands, friends and enemies are also important characters in this documentary project. The series appeared on the screens inconspicuously, without pathos and a powerful advertising campaign. But it instantly became a real hit. When the whole world has gone to quarantine and all people self-isolated at home Tiger King does not let the audience get bored. Millions of Americans have already called this documentary show as their best entertainment of the last month. What’s the point? The owner of a private zoo named Joe Exotic has been in a long conflict with a lady named Carole Baskin. Although this woman also has a zoo with big cats, she insists that her attitude towards animals is different from how Joe handles his cats. Carole accuses a tattooed homosexual from Oklahoma of abusing the inhabitants of his own zoo and of using them only for financial gain. The phenomenal success of the film has led to the emergence of many memes, an army of fans of Joe and became a breath of fresh air in the quarantine world. If you have not seen this documentary project from Netflix, here are some facts about Tiger King that will make you see who is Joe Exotic really.

Filming had started over 5 years ago

Although the series has appeared not long ago, its shooting began in 2014. Initially, Netflix was planning to work on another project. The main character had to be a snake dealer. But when the creators of the project learned about Joe Exotic and its story, they immediately began to follow only him. The film crew was next to an extravagant homosexual almost 24/7, so they wouldn’t miss anything. After all, his life before imprisonment, which Joe got for organizing the murder, was so intense that even the members of the film crew did not expect this before the start of the project. Why should you keep an eye on gay who mistreat big cats or Tiger King from Netflix!

While Joe’s in jail, the zoo is still open

After Joe was locked up, his zoo got a new owner. This amazing home for big cats is still open and ready to receive visitors. Only in contrast to Joe, the new owner has financial problems with the zoo. After all, only to feed the tigers need more than $30 000 per week. Perhaps after the appearance of this documentary show will increase the number of visitors to the zoo and there will be financial stability? Why should you keep an eye on gay who mistreat big cats or Tiger King from Netflix!

Who is Don Lewis and who’ s involved in his disappearance?

Carole Baskin is a seemingly good-hearted woman from a rival zoo. She is always dressed in something with a tiger coloring, even in official speeches to politicians. Carole does not pay salaries to her employees because they are volunteers in her kennel for animals. Joe Exotic believes that Carole is responsible for the disappearance of Don Lewis. The main character of the documentary series said that the woman killed her first husband (local millionaire) and fed his body to tigers. Let us remind you that Don Lewis rendered financial aid to Carole Baskin in the nineties and disappeared in 1997. It was his money that allowed Carole to open her own zoo. Why should you keep an eye on gay who mistreat big cats or Tiger King from Netflix!

Why does Carole Baskin hate Tiger King?

Carole Baskin hates this show. It’s understandable and not surprising at all. When she agreed to take part in this documentary project, the woman thought that the storyline would be completely different. Carole assumed that she would reproach Joe Exotic for animal abuse over and over again. But something went wrong. Throughout this documentary series, Joe accuses this animal defender of no less cruelty to big cats and constantly insists that she killed her first husband. In addition to these accusations, Exotic has recorded hundreds of videos about how he hates this woman. He also executed her scarecrow live and even created a music video about Carole Baskin’s involvement in the disappearance of Don Lewis, which reminds that all the millionaire’s inheritance went to her.

Who is Joe going to punish in a courtroom?

Joe Exotic is going to receive more than ninety million dollars of compensation for the damage that he unjustly received. To achieve this, the tiger keeper is now looking for a high-class lawyer. Joe is going to punish in the courtroom the prosecutor who dealt with his case, the federal agent, various organizations that are engaged in animal protection and many other people involved in his imprisonment. It’s hard to tell now how things will go on and when we see Joe Exotic on the loose. But it’s safe to say that millions of people who didn’t even know Joe Exotic existed before the documentary show, now will be closely following the life of this avid big cats’ lover.