Zoo employee has infected big cats with covid-19

Even animals are in danger and can be infected with coronavirus. The first cases of non-human infection in America were found in a New York zoo. Sluggish behaviour, coughing and not such a good appetite as usually attracted the attention of zoo staff to seven members of the feline family. After testing, it was found that all these animals are infected.

big cats with covid-19
The zoo management has explained to the public what caused the disease of cats. One of the employees who took care of the animals was infected with covid-19 and was unaware of it. At that moment, his illness passed without symptoms and the worker continued doing his daily work.
This situation attracted a lot of public attention, so the WCS could not stand aside and do not make a statement. They reassured all animal lovers and stated that the lives of four tigers with three lions were not threatened. The animals feel good and are isolated so that they do not infect other inhabitants of the legendary zoo. Cats have enough activity, eat a minimum amount of food for normal living and usually communicate with the zoo’s worker who takes care of them.
In turn, employees who care for sick animals follow all safety rules and have the necessary preventive measures for personal protection. Such actions should prevent the coronavirus from spreading among the animals and the staff at the zoo. The press release also says that the conducted tests did not cause any harm to the animals and gave a lot of useful information to study the virus. According to the WCS, other zoo inhabitants who may have been infected have also been tested. But not a single animal showed any signs of covid-19.
Tigress Nadia and other cats from New York are not the first cases of animal infestation. Previously, the coronavirus infection SARS-CoV-2 was found in a dog that was infected by the owner. According to the WCS, they are continuing to study this case. But they tend to think that animals can easily be infected, but cannot be a threat to humans. At least to date, there hasn’t been a single proven precedent with precise confirmation that this is possible.
All zoos and aquariums in New York, like most of the city’s public institutions, were closed from March 16th to an indefinite period.